Beard Growing Contest 2021

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COVID brought many things to a halt, but one thing that never stops is childhood illness. Through the Covid pandemic, Rooms of Hope has been supporting children battling life threatening illnesses using our “Special Deliveries of Hope” model. Despite the Covid pandemic, Rooms of Hope has created over 20 healing spaces for children battling life threatening illnesses, delivering hope during a time when it has never been needed more. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of “our children’s” health, as an organization, we do not yet feel comfortable hosting large gatherings, so we have had to be very creative in our fundraising approach. As a result of our pivots, our fundraising numbers are down but the number of families needing hope continues to rise.

Cue the beard growing hero’s.….

This year I am asking that we all take the month of November to be local hero’s and help deliver some hope to families in need.  Our “contest” will look very different than in years past, but we can make a huge impact.

So here are the details:

  1. Please sign up.
    1. Grow a beard or don’t…. this year there are no rules. Just please sign up. The process is so easy, and your participation will help us reach a much larger audience than ever before. Start to finish the process will take you under 10 minutes but it will change the lives of families in need.
  2. Send donation requests.
    1. Use your fundraising page to send an already generated request to as many people as you know. A donation request provides your friends and family the opportunity to bring hope to families who are desperate for hope. When you think about it that way, you are doing your friends and family a favor by allowing them to help as well. All donations are tax deductible, and an automatically generated tax receipt is mailed to your donors immediately after a donation is made.
  3. Seriously, that’s it!
    1. Please strongly consider participating again this year. It has never been easier, and there has never been a greater need.

In years past we have done prizes for the top fundraisers and have hung photos on the walls of the Alehouse so the community can be as proud of you as we are, but this year we are just sticking with the basics.  There are no bells and whistles…. simply put, Rooms of Hope has a need, and I am hoping you all will help. Not because there will be a prize but because it is the right thing to do.  BUT prizes are kind of fun too so, everyone who raises over $100 for Rooms of Hope will be entered into a raffle to win a $200 Alehouse gift card.

So that is it!!!!

Please take a moment NOW to set up your fundraising page so you don’t forget. (Seriously it will take you under 10 minutes and your part of the fundraiser will be completely done, and then you just get to sit back and watch the donations pour in from your friends and family) Officially the contest runs Nov. 1- Nov. 30 but as I said earlier there are no real rules this year so you may as well get a jump start.

Using your computer’s browser:

  • Go to
  • Click “Not Registered For This Year’s Event”
  • Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
  • Follow the instructions on-screen to register Beard Grower(s) and add family and friends

Call 1-888-598-7510 if you need help.