Our Construction Specialists

Our Construction Specialists

underground Rooms of Hope would like to thank each of our construction specialist for volunteering their time and effort as well as their specialized skills in making dreams come true for each of our children.

List of specialists are:


This is George Tatarka photo for the Contractor page.

http://beccajcampbell.com/vanishsneakpeek/ George Tatarka has been a craftsman for over four decades and loves to build, especially if it is for a child in need. George has supported this cause for more than three years and is always there just when you need him! George’s forte is just about everything including painting, building cabinetry and monster truck beds, and detailed work. We are very blessed to have George on our team!


This is Greg photo for the Contractor page.

Greg Hennings is a licensed electrician and oversees many of our projects that require electrical work. He manages his own successful business, GSH Electric, but always makes time to help our Rooms of Hope children. Greg loves these projects because we accomplish things quickly, but we do them right for a child who is waiting for their dream space. Greg is part of most projects and has been so for nearly three years. He loves helping by sharing his construction talents, especially electrical which is always in high demand! License: 890369


This is a photo of Jeff and Dan for the Contractor page.

Jeff and Dan Johnson  are an amazing duo! Jeff is a licensed contractor and manages his successful business, Valley Construction. His son, Dan, works with him. Together they are remarkable and make things happen! No matter how big or small the project is, they delve in and do what it takes to get the job done for a child in need. Jeff and Dan have been part of this mission for almost three years. Jeff’s wife does the accounting for Rooms of Hope. While Dan raises funds for Rooms of Hope by participating in the First Street Alehouse Beard Growing Contest which happens each November. License: 439835


This is Rick Freitas photo for the Contractor page.

Rick Freitas is a licensed contractor and has a heart of gold! He loves helping people, and especially the children we serve. He brings all of his talents to each project and never quits until whatever needs to be done is accomplished specific to the needs of the child we are serving. Being creative and thinking outside the box to improve the quality of the project is always front and center. Rick has been part of this mission for nearly two years and successfully manages his own construction company, Richard Freitas Construction. License: 987038


Stan Bochenek has a granddaughter, Breezy, who was a room recipient in 2012.  It was her dream room makeover that inspired Stan to want to be part of our organization.  He and his wife, Barb, saw firsthand what Breezy’s dream room makeover meant to her and her siblings.  Stan is honored and privileged to work with a team of people who have found their gifts and so generously give them away at our builds for our Rooms of Hope children.  It is our honor to have Stan, with all his construction talent and big heart, be part of our RoH team!


This is a photo of Todd and his sons for the Contractor webpage.

Todd Wiegel is a licensed contractor and manages his successful business, TW Construction. Along with Todd comes his two sons, Zack and Justin who are awesome teen tagalong volunteers! The three of them are focused and love to serve! Todd takes this volunteer job seriously for the children we serve, but likes to have fun too! Todd is excellent at every job he takes on and has been part of this mission for nearly three years. License: B774442

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