Andrew’s Room Revealed




Andrew is such a special kid, and our Rooms of Hope family, along with the A’s organization, brought their A game to make sure he knew it!

One of the most important things about Rooms of Hope is that we wrap our arms around a seriously ill child who needs it most, all while bringing hope and a safe haven to heal! For Andrew, this means sports…and most importantly his beloved A’s team. Little did Andrew know that the A’s were huge fans of him too! All it took to get the ball rolling was one phone call, and a lot of God, to gather the team and show Andrew how much his community loves him. When a child goes through what Andrew is going through, it’s a game-changer forever. But when there is a lot of bad, somehow good has to show up also! This dream makeover was all good thanks to each of you…

To our entire Rooms of Hope family, you did “good”!!! Your continued love of our children is nothing less than outstanding! To Melissa, my counterpart at the A’s, thank you for spearheading this makeover with me. The A’s organization is a mighty group of caring people who focused their attention on one thing…showing up in a big way and making one seriously ill child (and your biggest fan) happy! Lastly, thank you to the Butler family…your love of a child in need and sponsoring this room with your generous donation is life-changing!

Cheers to Andrew and all that is good in the world!

And to our sponsors and donors: without your generous support, none of this could be possible! Thank you so much!!!

  • A’s Organization & Leahey Family
  • Billy and Katie Butler
  • Big Bob’s Flooring
  • A Bird’s Eye Graphics
  • Dome Construction
  • Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Pleasanton at The Club
  • Elly Cabral Designer and Developer
  • First Street Alehouse
  • GSH Electric
  • Goulet Interior Finishes
  • Hansen Family
  • Maas Brothers Powder Coating
  • Mancini’s Sleepworld
  • Mary Naleway Interiors
  • Naleway Catering (Jeff)
  • Sherry Maas Photography
  • Sherwin Williams Paints
  • TOGO’S Sandwiches
  • Valley Construction
  • Waterfront Hotel

Thank You for your support of Andrew’s Dream Room Makeover (PDF)