Bella’s Room Revealed

Hello Team Bella,

Another wonderful holiday makeover thanks to all of our incredible volunteers, The Home Depot & VW.  It was a beautiful day at both of Bella’s homes!  Our talented designers, Emilia & Mary, along with the rest of us had so much fun helping Bella and her families!  Watching Bella see her enchanted homes for the first time was quite a sight to see.  You could tell that she was thrilled about the fact we brought her family some holiday cheer during a very challenging and scary time!

Please send Bella all of your positive thoughts…and prayers if you are inclined to pray. Bella will have a stem cell transplant next month with 5 to 6 weeks of isolation.  She’ll be receiving her dream room makeover on April 21 – 22, so stay tuned for that invitation.

As always, thank you to each of you!  Sherry did a great job with the photos again, so please enjoy them! Thanks Sherry! Click here for Pictures

Thanks So Much To All Of You As You Made These Smiles Possible! 
Bella is 100% Adorable…
bella_2016_thank_you  bella2_2016_thank_you

Happy, Happy Holidays!
May the New Year Bring You and Your Family Good Health and Hope!