Colton’s Room Revealed




It takes a village to create spaces that matter! And you are a big part of our village!

And to Our Sponsors and Donors…without your generous support, none of this could be possible! Thank you so much!!!

  • Big Bob’s Flooring /Daniel Garcia Dome Construction
  • Elly Cabral Designer and Developer
  • ITC Medical Supplies
  • Junk King
  • Naomie Wert Design
  • Organize-ology/Blue Moon Closets
  • Shannon Thoner Designs
  • Sherwin-Williams Paint

In Closing, These Dream Makeovers Change Seriously Ill Children’s Lives By Bringing Hope…

The family wanted you all to know… “The best part of this experience was everyone who helped bring it together. They are an amazing group of people!”

The family’s happiest part was the room reveal…“Everything that went into his room was focused around his needs and a lot of thought went into what would help stimulate him. It’s just so special!”

They also want you to know…“The first night he spent in his room he was checking everything out and slept so comfortably! The first morning he woke up and the first thing he did was look at his Spider-Man on the wall and smiled and then he looked up at his ceiling and smiled even bigger!”

And finally… “Thank you so much for everything that you all did! Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you guys creating Colton’s dream bedroom!”

Thank you all for sharing your talents, treasure and love! Hugs and love, Colton & Family, Make-A-Wish and Rooms of Hope Our Hearts Are Always With Colton!!!

Thank You for Your Support of Colton’s Dream Makeover! (PDF)