Decklin’s Room Revealed

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Decklin Is A Warrior…

Not only is he battling high risk leukemia, but he is also autistic. As such, and with a smile, mom told us, “Never ask Decklin something you aren’t prepared to hear the answer for because he has no filter.” She went on to say that he will answer your question with all honesty and there isn’t any other way he will answer. So, at the reveal, I asked Decklin what he thought of his new room. Without batting an eye, and with a big smile I will never forget, he looked straight into my eyes and said,
“It’s Perfect!” Special call out to Emilia, Decklin’s RoH interior designer, who poured her heart and soul into this makeover. She is so talented and designed this room for Decklin and his big brother, Dillon. Thank you Emilia, and the whole entire team of volunteers and donors, who made this possible for Decklin and Dillon! This room is indeed “Perfect!”

With Gratitude…
Thank You
Rooms of Hope Volunteers, Board Members, Danville Children’s Guild & Team Depot Members!

And to our sponsors and donors: without your generous support, none of this could be possible! Thank you so much!!!

  • Danville Children’s Guild
  • Elly Cabral Designer Developer
  • GSH Electric
  • Habitat Custom Builders
  • Home Depot/Team Depot
  • Maas Brothers Powder Coating
  • Mancini’s Sleepworld
  • Pleasanton Garbage Service
  • Sherry Maas Photography
  • Sherwin Williams Paint

To each of you…thank you for sharing your talents, treasure and love! Your contribution truly makes a difference to this beautiful girl!

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