Erika’s Room Revealed




Erika loves her dream bedroom, and there is no doubt about that! But she and her family also love the fact that so many people went out of their way to bring hope to their family during a very challenging time. At the reveal, Erika gave every person a small gift, and the family read out loud their thank you note. Truly this is a family who has been through so much, and they sincerely appreciate the gift of kindness.

Thank you to each of you who donated or spent time “Creating Spaces That Matter” for Erika and her sisters, Felicia and Phoebe! Special call out to Alina, who is the Rooms of Hope interior designer behind all three rooms!

And to our sponsors and donors: without your generous support, none of this could be possible! Thank you so much!!!

  • Alina Druga Interiors
  • Anne for a Wonderful Lunch!
  • Dome Construction & Crew
  • Elly Cabral Designer and Developer
  • First Street Alehouse
  • GSH Electric
  • Hennings Family
  • The Home Depot/Team Depot Crew
  • Sherwin Williams Paint
  • St. Edward’s Youth Group for the wonderful blankets. Thanks Jeff!

Thank You for your support of Erika’s Dream Room Makeover (PDF)