Kraven’s Room Revealed



kraven3 Kraven2

From Kraven’s Family:

“OMG I don’t even know where to start or how to say Thank You so much to you and your whole crew.

This is totally amazing what you all have done.  My whole family is in total AWWW.

A few of us were crying.  It’s just totally crazy what just happened.

We just had to say THANK YOU!”

With Gratitude:

  • A big thank you to our wonderful Rooms of Hope designers for Kraven and her brothers and sisters.  Naomie, Niki and Christine, you all knocked it out of the park with your room designs. The kids all loved their new spaces as we all saw as they entered their new rooms!
  • To our Contractors and Craftsman, Anthony, Steve, Ken, Abel, Stan Jr., Stan Sr., and George. What would we have done without you?  Putting together those beds was no easy task and quite time consuming, along with all the other little things that came up.  You’re terrific!  Thank you!
  • Thanks to Casey, Zach, Jack, Daniel and Peyton who spent their last days of summer vacation putting together the many pieces of furniture, among other things.  We couldn’t have finished on time on Saturday without your help!  You all powered through and kept asking for more!
  • Julie and Dan, thank you for all your help and the work you did, and with the extra garbage and recycling runs you did on Friday and Saturday.  Very much appreciated!
  • And to Missy, Cammie, Mary, Stephanie, Angela, Devan, Sarah, Kira, Nancy and Emilia…What can I say!  Whatever needed to be done, you did it!  In usual fashion, you helped make what our designer’s envisioned in each room come to life!  Thank you!  Oh, and let’s not forget, the extra clean up and beautiful touches you did for the family along the way…you all worked tirelessly and kept coming back for more.  Again, thank you!
  • To Sherry, our wonderful photographer, who captured some terrific pictures of Kraven and her wonderful family.  As always, Sherry, your pictures are priceless, and I know the family will sure appreciate them!  The link to the pictures is:
  • Thank you so much to all our wonderful donors and partners including Mancini’s Sleepworld, Sherwin Williams Paints, First Street Alehouse and the private donors who continue to support our mission year-after year.
  • A huge thank you to the Dream Inn Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for hosting our family while we worked on their makeover.  The family truly enjoyed their stay and a fun day at the boardwalk.
  • Always a big thank you to our Executive Director, Shelley Ham, for her ongoing leadership of Rooms of Hope and her upfront efforts ensuring this makeover went smoothly in her absence…along with our incredible ROH board for all they do to support these dream room makeovers.

Finally, thank you to Kraven and her family for allowing Rooms of Hope to come to your home and create these Dream Spaces just for you!

It was a pleasure… and we hope you know how much we will be thinking of you and sending our very best wishes for health and happiness.

Best wishes Kraven!