Kyle’s Room Revealed


This is Kyle postcard introducing him to our community.


It’s with heartfelt thanks that we express our deepest gratitude to each of you!!! And it is because of each of you that this was made possible!

And to our sponsors and donors: without your generous support, none of this could be possible!

  • Alina Druga Interiors
  • Amaro Designs
  • Big Bob’s Flooring
  • Home Depot
  • Maas Brothers Powder Coating
  • Mancini’s Sleepworld
  • Oscar Reyes Flooring Installation
  • Sheila’s Hangups
  • Sherry Maas Photography
  • Sherwin-Williams Paints
  • Summit Financial Group
  • Team Breezy

In closing, thank you all so much for sharing your talents, treasure and love! Your contribution makes a difference! Kyle and his family thank you very much!!!

Thank you for your support with Kyle’s Dream Room Makeover! (PDF)