Ocars Gone Live: POSTPONED to 2022

With so many breakthrough cases, the arrival of the Delta and Mu variants, and even the very sad death of a healthy Pleasanton man who was fully vaccinated and died of COVID, it is our Board’s decision, unanimously, to bring you this announcement of postponing our gala to next year. We would love to see you and we would love to see our Rooms of Hope families, but our first priority is making sure it is safe to do so. Next year, our prayers are that we can all come together and safely enjoy each other’s company while raising money for the sickest of sick children in the Bay Area…our Rooms of Hope children! It is such an honor and privilege to bring them the dream spaces of their imaginations by Creating Spaces That Matter! This is a place to heal, recover and be a kid while they struggle and battle just to survive! And…we couldn’t do this without You!!! Please know that if you have already purchased gala tickets or tables, we will be reaching out to you over the next several days.