About RoH and COVID-19

Our mission is to provide dream room makeovers to children battling life-threatening illnesses or conditions. But our purpose is to wrap our children and families in a blanket of love, showing them that they are not alone. During these uncertain times of COVID-19, like all companies, for now we need to adjust the way we support our children, specially because of their depressed immune systems. For us, this means going from “in-home dream room makeover installations” to “drop-off dream room enhancements!” We can literally change the way a child feels and sees their space at home while social-distancing.

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening medical illness, like cancer or end  stage kidney disease, their world changes instantly. They go from being a child that is “healthy” to a child that is now fighting for their life. Their routine goes from being normal to a routine that is now filled with doctors’ visits and treatments that never seem to end with lots of time at the hospital. If they aren’t be treated or hospitalized, they are home, usually without the ability to go to school or see their friends because of their depressed immune system. Add in COVID-19 restrictions …well, the sad truth is that often times our children become physically and emotionally depressed, as well. And that’s where we come in.

We are about providing hope and joy during a very challenging time in that child and family’s lives. We allow the child to dream again. We safely enhance their bedroom, playroom or other area in their home or backyard that is their safe haven away from all the treatments they must endure as they bravely fight to survive! In a world where they have no control, with outcomes unknown, they are allowed to have control and be creative.

We also know the entire family is affected, so we will provide drop-off dream room enhancements for their siblings too.

And … it certainly takes a village!!! We have incredible interior designers and other volunteers ready to help support our Rooms of Hope families now! We stand by their side always, even now during COVID-19. We are completely funded by individuals, local companies, national corporations, community and faith organizations, and foundations. Best of all, there is never a cost to the family for our services or products that we provide.

To nominate a child, click here. To be part of our program, or if you would like to learn more about how you can help, please call 925-989-4830.