Eduardo’s Room Revealed




It takes a village to create spaces that matter! And you are a big part of our village!

And to Our Sponsors and Donors…without your generous support, none of this could be possible! Thank you so much!!!

  • All American Glass BELLISSIMO DECOR, LLC
  • Big Bob’s Flooring /Daniel Garcia
  • Bill and Sandy Fraser
  • Danville Paint & Decorating
  • Elly Cabral Designer and Developer
  • Jackie Baldi
  • Magic Lamp
  • Mancini’s Sleepworld
  • Mary Naleway Interiors
  • Mark Cox & Jason Lenk
  • Monterey Aquarium
  • Pledge to Humanity, Youth
  • Princess Monterey Whale Watching
  • Rachel Heisel
  • Robert and Gail Fraser
  • Robert Nervis
  • Sanctuary Vacation Rentals
  • Shannon Thoner Designs
  • Sophia Ricci
  • Target
  • TW Construction
  • Tom Allen
  • Unscripted Monterey Bay
  • Wells Fargo Bank

In closing, these dream makeovers change seriously ill children’s lives by bringing hope… For a few others who still need to be recognized! Thank you Tish for referring Eduardo and bringing his elementary school crew with you! Thank you Randy & Marilyn for allowing us to create these spaces for Eduardo and his sisters in your rental home! Thank you George for taking such an active role in this makeover and more, and Emilia who kept up through it all! Thank you to Sharon and Kim for feeding our crews both days and Rachel for the wonderful photos!

Thank you all for sharing your talents, treasure and love! Hugs and gratitude, Eduardo and Shelley! We all adore you Eduardo!!!

Thank You for Your Support of Eduardo’s Dream Makeover! (PDF)