Henry’s Room Revealed


Family Note on the Thursday After the Reveal

“Hi Shelley,

I wanted to send my thanks sooner, but Henry got sick after his treatment on Monday and is just now on the mend…I cannot tell how beautifully timed the makeover was in his treatment…he felt horrible and just wanted to be home and in bed because his room could not be a more magical, serene and a healing little portal for him!!!

From moment the Stan pulled up with the Rooms of Hope truck, the excitement was felt all around. As we drove away, Henry asked if this was a dream come true!! He didn’t understand what was going to take place. He was just so excited to go to the beach and stay in a hotel. Our visit at the lodge was perfect! We drove up early and they were so accommodating. They had our rooms ready and gave adorable beach bags to Henry and Elizabeth. Will and Ben were so elated that they had their own room and didn’t have to share with their little brother and sister. We cannot thank the Half Moon Bay Lodge enough for their hospitality and refuge. The Reveal… Where to begin?? We were blown away! Rooms of Hope went above and beyond anything we could’ve imagined!!! Everything from the new plants in the pots, new doormat, fixed cupboard doors, neatly folded bedding and so many other little things that were not expected but done with love, thoughtfulness and kindness.

Our first night in the House was amazing, and no one knew which room to go into!! We rotated between all rooms, following each other, marveling at each detail. Henry and Elizabeth’s play room is adorable. The polka dots on the ceiling are perfectly placed, the desks, shelving, carpet and better yet, the way everything was organized!! Henry and Elizabeth’s bedroom is an enchanting, magical refuge!! Alina truly captured an “under the sea” bedroom in a tasteful, classy way. We all love being in their room. Henry and Elizabeth slept better than they ever have their first night in their room and didn’t sneak into our room. Henry said he doesn’t have to be scared because he has lights under his bed, by far the coolest thing I have ever seen!! They both spent the first evening naming all of the sea creatures on wall, unfortunately, they forgot all of the names in the morning and we had to rename all of the creatures all over again! As I said earlier, Henry’s treatment on Monday took a toll on him and he recovered in his tranquil room, which I believe helped him recover. We cannot thank everyone enough for creating these spaces!!!

We loved Lauren and Anna!! They were so wonderful with Will and Ben and “got them” They designed 2 amazing spaces for them to retreat. Their study nook is so cool. I think their grades are going to improve!! The boys couldn’t choose which room they wanted to hang out in more. The small details they incorporated into their bedroom to highlight the boys interests were spot on! Will was so inspired he wants to give back and work for Rooms of Hope!! Again, thank you everyone for creating these two spaces.

Henry is still blown away that he has a park in his backyard. The first morning in his new Room of Hope, he woke up and peeked out the window and beelined for the door. He squealed “my park!” We cannot thank Home Depot and Maxim Integrated enough!!! With this horrible flu season, we are trying to keep Henry away from others as much as possible…now with our Rooms of Hope home, we truly never want to leave!!!!

I cannot express my gratitude enough, nor put into words how wonderful this experience has been!! We are so grateful. One of the greatest gifts from this was allowing us to receive. Thank you from the bottoms of our heart and God Bless everyone involved!!!! With Sincere Gratitude, The Grahams”

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