Mohammed’s Room Revealed




When interior designers, Susan and Robin, and I met with the family initially, we knew this would be a special makeover. Mom, Dad and Grandma were so gracious, and Mohammed and his brother were precious beyond belief. Mohammed, fighting cancer, didn’t feel well, but he was still a little trooper. However, we could see the toll it was taking on this young family. They truly were in dire need of hope.

The difference between the family from our initial meeting, months prior to the next time we would spend quality time together at the reveal, was like night and day. Although Mohammed is still not out of the woods and receives chemo every day, he is feeling so much better. His hair has even grown back some. And, after vacationing in San Francisco for four days while we did the makeover, mom and dad came back renewed and filled with hope too! The boys were so excited to see their new dream spaces…especially their playroom downstairs. Mohammed could hardly believe his eyes, and as all of looked on to him as he played, just as a child should, it was so wonderful! What a beautiful site for sore eyes indeed, that’s for sure! Spending time with Mohammed’s family was a treat and we didn’t want to leave! Our hopes are that there are more good things to come for this family, w/ healing prayers for sure!

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