Travis’s Room Revealed


Thank you for your support of Travis's Dream Room Makeover_Page_1

Thank you for your support of Travis's Dream Room Makeover_Page_2

Here’s What Travis’s Family Had To Say About It…

To all at Rooms of Hope,

Thank you so much for all your amazing help with everything!!

Rooms of Hope is such an amazing organization and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done for us! A dream room makeover for Travis is more than we could ask for but you guys went so over and above that it is unbelievable! We are so touched by all the extra stuff you guys did, especially all the organizational things that will make our day to day lives less stressful. I can’t tell you how much the clutter in our house drives me crazy and now it is like we are in a whole new house! Our kitchen looks so much nicer and the kids’ closets make me want to cry with joy!

The kids love their new rooms! Night one went really well, once we could get them to calm down enough to sleep. 🙂 Dean always wakes us up by 7am (ugh) but on Sunday morning we finally woke up at 8:15 to the sound of Dean and Adam playing in their room. We got extra sleep!! Yay!! Travis loves his new room too, especially all the sounds the car makes. He said that he loves his new room so much he hopes he can keep it forever. I am pretty sure my husband loves Travis room just as much as Travis does, if not more!! 🙂 Thank you and all the volunteers so, so much for everything! We are truly blessed that you picked our family for this amazing gift and we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you sooooo much for the lovely vacation too! The hotel was definitely the nicest one we have ever stayed at and the Aquarium was so much fun! I have never been to Monterey off season before and let me tell you it is the way to go. There was barely anyone at the Aquarium or on the beach and there was no wait at the restaurant. It was really awesome! The weather was beautiful and it was really nice to have some time

together as a family! You were so generous with all you gave us and it was so nice to take a vacation without worrying about money the whole time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am interested in becoming a volunteer for your organization too. I am not super creative or handy but I can paint, help move stuff, clean, etc. Please let me know how I can help Rooms of Hope and help other people experience the joy we have.

Thanks so much,
Tifany Hutchison

Our Thanks Goes Out To Travis & His Family For
Opening Their Hearts And Home To Us!

Travis & Family…
You Will Always Be Part Of Our Wonderful Rooms of Hope Family!

Also, a special thanks goes out to our Rooms of Hope designers, Emilia and Nancy, for doing such a wonderful job for the boys! Also a big THANK YOU to Robert and his father, Bob, for building such a unique and incredible garage/fort for Travis! …just WOW! And, as always thank you Sherry for taking our reveal photos. Here’s the link for all of us to enjoy: Click here for pictures

Thank you for your support of Travis’s Dream Room Makeover